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New trading instrument: Stock CFDs

Hi Muhayat ! We are happy to announce that Stock CFDs are now available for trading on the IQ Option platform, mobile and web apps included!

Stock CFDs

CFD or Contract for Difference is a financial instrument that allows traders to speculate on price movements of a given asset, for instance stocks, without owning the asset itself. A trader just needs to make a prediction about the price direction, set the amount to invest and buy a contract.

If the trend is predicted correctly, the trader will generate profit in the form of a difference between the current value of the asset and its value at the end of the contract. If the chosen direction turns out to be the opposite, the trader will lose the same amount.

Our offer for Stock CFDs

You receive 50% of spread and 50% of the company’s profit from overnight fees after contracts have been completed.

Overnight fees are paid by the trader on a daily basis, including weekends, for every open position that they hold.

Benefits of trading Stock CFDs

  • Low commission that provides accessible trading experience

  • Ability to close deals at any time

  • Wide range of worldwide brands’ stocks: Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Nike, Starbucks, Tesla and many more

  • Automated orders which allow to set up your own conditions for opening and closing deals

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As always, new releases are accompanied by new marketing materials. A striking banner has been added to our promo section that you can use to promote CFDs.

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